Mobile Ad Spend Lagging Time Spent

Mary Meeker Internet Trends

Every year Mary Meeker releases a report on internet trends which is considered one of the best resources for planners and strategists out there. This year was no exception. Some major insights include the continued rise of mobile across the globe, but even in the US more time is spent on mobile than ever before, but the ad spend isn’t relative. The options for mobile advertising is pretty limited right now, so this will be an interesting development in the next year where each app tries to own their revenue streams instead of relying on existing ad streams.

The Internet of Things gap

There is a survey making the rounds which basically says very few people are interested in home automation and far fewer already have it. Two points on this. First, people are horrible at imagining the future. If you ask them about some piece of technology, many are not going to understand the potential impact. Look […]

Reading in a Responsive World

There are a lot of factors that determine the readability of text, including screen resolution and the eyesight of the user. This article touches on quite a bit, so if you are interested in readability, go dig in.

Our many screens are affecting our health

The latest research, in fact, overwhelmingly suggests that delayed production of melatonin due to blue light exposure at night is causing far more problems than insomnia, from diabetes and certain types of cancer to lupus and migraine headaches.

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