What Matters

From the comments section in  the article What It Was Like to Deliver a Presentation to Steve Jobs: “We had to make sure we presented our findings in a framework that represented the nature of human acceptance and connection and not features and benefits.” This is the difference between a great idea and a fun […]

iOS error message

Error Messages Matter

Error messages are one of the most often overlooked elements of the user experience in application development. It can be really difficult to spend time on good messaging when deadlines are fast approaching, but their impact on the rest of the support team can be immense. Often, the cost for running support centers far outweighs […]

Yosemite World Clock Widget

Clocks that are too simplistic

I love when information is designed so that even the background color denotes a valuable variable, but sometimes it is executed poorly. Take this set of clocks from Mac OS Yosemite. The idea is that white-background clocks represent daylight and black-background clocks represent night time. But I’m not in Sydney so when I look at […]

Skype Welcome Tour

New Skype Welcome Tour

Welcome Tours are the new splash screens. They could be useful, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. They are not necessary, you can let people know that there are new features without forcing them to view your pop-up, in fact, Clash of Clans just gives you an icon with a badge alert in the app itself. Here is how Skype has decided to introduce a major overall of their desktop app.

Reading in a Responsive World

There are a lot of factors that determine the readability of text, including screen resolution and the eyesight of the user. This article touches on quite a bit, so if you are interested in readability, go dig in.

Slider with bars showing realtime inventory

Making Widgets More Useful

Clever design element here that few implement. Instead of just using sliders that have values, make the background hint at what the results will be. What can you do in the space given? How much information can you provide? What do users want to know? Why are they moving the sliders in the first place? Asking these types of questions will get you innovation.


Watches are a tricky product space between tool and jewelry that can be incredibly difficult to do well. Apple has given customers the ability to customize their watch immensely and according to watch gurus at Hodinkee, they have done a lot right.

Design Graphic

Design Services

Our services adapt and change with the advent of new technologies and needs, but some core design principles will always be at the heart of what we do.